Winning Endorsed Candidates

Congratulations to the candidates endorsed by TWNPAC who won on November 6, 2018:

Candidate Seat Counties Served
Jim Glenn KY House 13 Daviess
Patti Minter KY House 20 Warren
Josie Raymond KY House 31 Jefferson
Tina Bojanowski KY House 32 Jefferson
Mary Lou Marzian Ky House 34 Jefferson
Lisa Willner KY House 35 Jefferson
McKenzie Cantrell Ky House 38 Jefferson
Nima Kulkarni Ky House 40 Jefferson
Joni Jenkins KY House 44 Jefferson
Maria Sorolis Ky House 48 Jefferson, Oldham
Joe Graviss KY House 56 Fayette, Woodford, Franklin
Dennis Keene KY House 67 Campbell
Susan Westrom KY House 79 Fayette
Cherlynn Stevenson KY House 88 Fayette

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