Elect Kentucky Democrats in 2020


March 2020

Dear Members and Friends

Where to begin? As you are aware, The Women’s Network Political Action Committee (TWNPAC) is an all-volunteer organization which makes endorsements and subsequent financial contributions to Democratic candidates strictly supported by the contributions made by you – our friends and members.

This year we were planning a grand event with a national author featuring her new book and then the coronavirus hit. Needless to say, the TWNPAC Board acknowledged the directives from our Governor Andy Beshear and cancelled plans for an event this Spring.

Last year during the 2019 races, TWNPAC was able to give our candidates our full financial support, resulting in the win of Governor Andy Beshear.

We can’t stop now. The stakes are too high.

In 2020, TWNPAC must be able to support more Democratic candidates to flip House seats from red to blue and hold the seats we won 2 years ago. There has never been a more important time than right now for TWNPAC. The wins 2 years ago in Barren, Fayette, and Jefferson illustrate our effectiveness.

The census started in March and redistricting is just around the corner so it is absolutely imperative to take back more Kentucky House seats! In order to achieve that goal, it is not just identifying great candidates but fully funding those campaigns to foster wins across the Commonwealth.

With your ongoing commitment, TWNPAC has raised almost $200,000. As the only state-wide women-led Kentucky State PAC, it is vital to keep our momentum going. This year, we ask for your participation through this stay-at-home fundraiser as we prepare to do our part to Dump Trump and Ditch Mitch while helping House and Senate candidates.

Please make your generous contribution today using a credit card or Paypal or you may mail a check payable to TWNPAC to P. O. Box 910246, Lexington KY 40591-0246.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment. Together we are changing the face of Kentucky politics!


Donna Moore Campbell, TWNPAC Chair

Virginia L. Woodward, TWNPAC President